NCAA Investigates Vols over NIL: A Twitter (X) Roundup

Apparently the NCAA thinks you can’t spell investigation without UT. 

News broke Tuesday that Tennessee is being investigated by the NCAA for potential violations involving name, image, and likeness benefits. Pat Forde seems practically gleeful to break this story: Let’s dive into the Forde article for a second. Paragraph two outlines the infractions committed under Jeremy Pruitt and ends

“Now the school is back in the NCAA’s crosshairs, a recurrence that could have significant consequences.

Details are scarce on what Tennessee is potentially facing in the latest case, including the number of involved sports. The school acknowledged the investigation to SI, but declined further comment, other than to say it has not received a notice of allegations from NCAA Enforcement.”

So there will be “significant consequences”, but “details are scarce” and there’s no notice of allegations. Does UT have a real concern here? Here’s look at how X users and especially Vol Twitter reacted to Forde’s article

Maybe the most important quote from the article, buried five paragraphs in, and I’ll let VOLNUGS take it:

Or as Austin Price put it, Despite the fact that Forde only cited “sources”, he did not make this investigation up. It is confirmed that there is an investigation ongoing: …however… I do not know the validity of this, but found it interesting: By midafternoon, Donde Plowman effectively told the NCAA to sit and spin: That one continued to evolve: Couple of other items I liked, and though we probably don’t need current players tweeting about the situation: Preach. And the Vol Club couldn’t have timed a tweet any better: Although they promise that’s about tonight’s game, and nothing else.

I've been asked my opinion on the topic, and it's probably similar to yours. It seems to me that the NCAA might just peruse this matter to their own demise, as more schools come under investigation for braking rules that don't exist and likely couldn't be enforced by the NCAA if they did exist. It smells of an outdated institution, much like Pat Forde and Sports Illustrated, desperately clinging to any former authority they might have had. 


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