Tennessee Five Factor Tracker Review Week 5: Post Super Bowl Whoops I Mean South Carolina

 [There are five factors that highly correlate to winning in college football: finishing drives, efficiency, explosiveness, field position, and turnovers. The 5 Factor Tracker attempts to record Tennessee's relative success or failure in these categories throughout the season.]

Presented with just one comment this week: Tennessee is about to hit a crucial stretch in the season after the bye week. Texas A&M, Alabama, and Kentucky are easily the three best teams the Vols have played to date. You might think Jimbo is a clown, and you might think Alabama is down this year, and you might think Kentucky gets exposed before the end of October. And you might be right about some or all of that. But the fact remains that this will be the toughest three-game stretch of the Tennessee season, and while it might not seem as sexy as the Florida-LSU-Alabama stretch run of '22, it will be just as crucial to determining the 2023 Vols' legacy. So get right in the off-week, 'cause we're in for a ride through the rest of October. 


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