Tennessee vs. UTSA Postgame Review

For the fourth straight game this season, the most predictive advanced stat--explosiveness--failed to predict the winner of Tennessee's game. The Vols have only been the more explosive team in one game this season, against Florida, but I'm certainly not complaining here--I'll take the higher success rate and of course, the win. UT also under performed in havoc compared to earlier games this season, although they did generate more turnovers, which have been generally lacking from defensive havoc so far this season. Overall there's not much to complain about in the Five Factor Box score: 

The Rushing Report looks decent too OMG LOOK AT THOSE OPEN FIELD YARDS. If i knew how to insert the drooling emoji here I'd do it. Of course Joe Milton's 81-yard run helped these numbers quite a bit. but there were some really nice open field runs (including one of Jabari Small's best open field runs ever--you'll see it in this week's explosive plays video) and a really nice day running from Dylan Sampson one week too late. 

Finally, Tennessee's top five contributors by usage and their predicted points added. Notice three of the top five are RBs. Had I organized this list by PPA rather than usage, you'd see Kaleb Webb (1.9 PPA) and Bru McCoy (2.6 PPA, Bru was 17% of the offense in Q1 and 0% the rest of the day). 


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