Five Factor Tracker Week 3 Review

[There are five factors that highly correlate to winning in college football: finishing drives, efficiency, explosiveness, field position, and turnovers. The 5 Factor Tracker attempts to record Tennessee's relative success or failure in these categories throughout the season.]

Tennessee Defense vs. 2023 Opponents’ Offense: 

Tennessee’s two good defensive performances to start the year are masking what when wrong in Gainesville. PPO is still low, which I think is key for this defense, but it’s going to have to stay low as we head into conference play. Other thoughts:
  • The most explosive offense on the schedule so far is, of course, Kentucky. Wait what?
  • Alabama’s offense might be fine if they can create scoring opportunities. IF. 
  • A&M is once again the only team with no red on the ledger. 

Tennessee Offense vs. 2023 Opponents’ Defense

Points per opportunity continues to trend in the wrong direction. Explosiveness is actually up from the last two weeks, but still in the bottom 1/3 of teams. Some very pastel greens means everything is holding positive, but in a precarious spot. UTSA gives some opportunities for a turnaround this weekend. Other thoughts:

  • Y’all got anymore of those Virginias?
  • Everybody has a weakness. Nobody in all green. Except…
  • Georgia. Of course. 


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