5 Factor Tracker Post-Week 4 Tennessee Schedule Review

[There are five factors that highly correlate to winning in college football: finishing drives, efficiency, explosiveness, field position, and turnovers. The 5 Factor Tracker attempts to record Tennessee's relative success or failure in these categories throughout the season.]

Tennessee Offense vs. 2023 Opponent Defenses

Of course the way this chart works, green is good, red is bad, and a darker shade = more goodness or badness. After looking a little closer at the raw numbers, here are some tidbits I found:
  • There are four teams on the schedule that appear in the top 30 teams in multiple categories. They are:
    • Georgia (scoring opps, explosiveness, success rate)
    • Alabama (scoring opps, success rate, field position)
    • Texas A&M (PPO, success rate, field position, havoc)
    • and… Kentucky? (PPO, explosiveness)
  • South Carolina is in the bottom 10 in both scoring opportunities and field position. 

Tennessee Defense vs. 2023 Opponents Offenses

Similarly, top 30 teams in multiple categories:
  • Georgia (PPO, success rate, havoc)
  • A&M (scoring opps, field position)
  • Vanderbilt—this thing is just full of surprises (PPO, field position)
  • Also Kentucky is the most explosive team in America lol
  • Florida is bottom 10 in explosiveness and field position. Vols left a lot of meat on the bone in Gainesville. 


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