Tennessee Depth by Class 2023


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Depth by class is a concept that provides at-a-glance information about the health of each position group in terms of age and experience and where upcoming needs may be. For example, if all of your offensive tackles are juniors and seniors, you know that is a position of need in recruiting--in fact it may be too late to shore up that position for future success (I'm looking at you, Derrick Dooley). 

This used to be pretty straight-forward. However, the transfer portal has made the end of a player's eligibility unpredictable as a player can at any time decide to dip out of the program altogether. The extra year of eligibility given to players in 2020 has also made tracking a player's remaining years more difficult. And on top of that, even the school's official roster does not make it clear when a player has used a redshirt season. 

With those factors in mind, please excuse any errors in the chart below. Send suggestions/corrections to cornfromajar@gmail.com.

Position Incoming
RS Freshmen
(c/o 2026)
(c/o 2025)
(c/o 2024)
(c/o 2023)
QB (4)
Nico Iamalavea
Navy Shuler Gaston Moore Joe Milton
RB (6)
Khalifa Keith
Desean Bishop
Patrick Wilk Dylan Sampson Jaylen Wright Jabari Small
WR (12)
Nathan Leacock
Nate Spillman
Chas Nimrod
Trey Weary
Kaleb Webb
Squirrel White
Nigel Lanier
Dont'e Thornton
Jack Jancek
Bru McCoy
Ramel Keyton
Michael Bittner
TE (5)
Ethan Davis
Charlie Browder Hunter Salmon Jacob Warren
McCallen Castles
OT (9)
Larry Johnson
Trevor Duncan
Connor Meadows
Brian Grant

Andrej Karic
Gerald Mincey
Dane Davis
Jeremiah Crawford
John Campbell
IOL (11)
Shamurad Umarov
Vysen Lang
Ayden Bussell
Mo Clipper
Masai Reddick
Addison Nichols
Jackson Lampley

Cooper Mays
Parker Ball
Javontez Spraggins

DT (9)

Camron Douglas
Joshua Helsdon
Amari McNeill
Jayson Jenkins
Bryson Eason
Omarr Norman-Lott
Omari Thomas
Elijah Simmons
Da'Jon Terry
Kurrott Garland
DE (5)
Caleb Herring
Chandavian Bradley

Tyre West
Dominic Bailey Tyler Baron
LEO (3)

Joshua Josephs
James Pearce Jr.

Roman Harrison
LB (13)
Arion Carter
Jalen Smith
Jeremiah Tealander

Kalib Perry
Elijah Herring
Mekhi Bigelow
Ben Bolton
Caleb Williams

Keenan Pili
Kwauze Garland
Aaron Beasley
Matt Gaca
Jackson Hannah
WLB ()

CB (10)
Jordan Matthews
Ricky Gibson
Cristian Conyer

Jerrod Gentry Christian Charles
Lucien Brunetti
Warren Burrell
Gabriel Jeudy-Lally
Kamal Hadden
Dee Williams
S (14)
John Slaughter
Jack Luttrell
Cameron Miller
Jourdan Thomas
Derek Taylor
Andre Turrentine
Christian Harrison
De'Shawn Rucker
Will Brooks
Doneiko Slaughter
Jaylen McCollough
Brandon Turnage
Tamarian McDonald
Wesley Walker
P/K ()

returning starters in bold
projected starters in italics
last updated 1/30/2023


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